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It's time to decide how you want to show up in the world!

Do you often feel overwhelmed, stressed, drained, and exhausted, from taking care of everyone around you and putting yourself last? Have you lost sight of the woman in you filling the roles of a mother, wife, or caretaker? Are you ready to take your power back, unleash your true potential, and live the life of your dreams with ease?
If any of this sounds familiar, it's time to prioritize yourself using the power of intentional self-care practices.
Our coaching services teach you how to prioritize self-care, set achievable goals, and achieve wellness in all areas of your life.
Book a coaching session today to start your journey toward living a life filled with joy!

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Alisha Small is a lovely and genuine mental health coach, and it was wonderful having her at our 2022 Staff Retreat at I'RAISE! She is very interactive and knows how to create a safe space for others to speak.

I’raise Girls&Boys International

Alisha was very open, transparent and kind. She displayed her truth which allowed us to tap into ours. Left the session feeling motivated and seen. I now know I deserve whatever it is I seek.

J Damali
It takes a village wellness retreat

Yes, Alisha is great! She is not afraid to share why she needed self-care and lets you know that you need it too! After the first workshop I felt relaxed and that I can be selfish without it being bad. I felt as though I should be selfish and focus on myself. I also learned that "No" is a sentence and I am allowed to say it.

Interfaith Works

Alisha Manifesto

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